Athena Boolean

This job type is useful for waiting for a condition to be met. Your SQL statement must be written so that it only returns “true” or “false” This job Type runs an Athena Query and checks the result. eg: select true eg: select case when 1=1 then true else false end as result Only once …

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Athena Query

This is a simple no frills query that you want to run using Athena: “Run Time” is the Time in UTC time zone when you want the job to run. “Number of Runs per day” is the number of times per day you want the job to run. This could be anywhere from 1 to 1440 …

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Getting Started

Launch the product via 1-click. Select “Continue to Subscribe”: Select “Accept Terms”: Wait for the subscription to activate: Select “Continue to Configuration”: On the launch page, under “Choose Action”, select “Launch through EC2”: A t3.medium machine type is recommended: You could also experiment with a t3.small or t3.micro depending on your use case. Then select …

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